About Muirnah

Hello! I’m Muirnah. My name is based on the Gaelic “muirneach” which means beloved, treasured. My Sir has given me this name and it means the world to me. My friends call me Nah Nah. Nice to meet you!


  • I am submissive.
  • I am a masochist. I love being spanked, flogged, paddled, bitten, pinched, choked, and edge play.
  • I am a Middle. I mostly enjoy solo Little Space, but I like when Daddy comes to check on me.
  • I am also a kitten. =^•^=
  • I like rope and other restraints, especially mental ones.
  • I love sensory play – blindfolds, earplugs, feathers, sharps, knives, scratches, etc.
  • I love electro-play & recently got into Fireplay.
  • I get extremely turned on by pleasing someone else.
  • I am a voyeur. I love watching other people in scene.
  • I never thought dirty talk would appeal to me, but it and degradation are big kinks for me.
  • I am an exhibitionist. My Twitter and this blog feed that part of me.


I spend my free time time crocheting, reading, writing, and generally just enjoying my life. I love animals, Harry Potter, LOTR, Game of Thrones, BTVS, Star Trek, Doctor Who, Firefly & everything to do with vampires and dragons.

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Any writing that I post is my own, unless otherwise credited. Do not use or copy without my express permission