I had so much fun last night. It was so awesome to get out and just be near friends.

Since it was a vanilla outing, we dropped the verbal and outward (obvious) dynamic stuff. But it didn’t change anything – it was still there.

Every time Sir touched me, or whispered in my ear, my body hummed with energy. And when we locked eyes, the room disappeared. It’s intense with Him. Everything is intense.

One thing Sir did say was that I should keep my walking position. I failed at that pretty badly. 😕

You see, I’m a big girl. I’m 6’3”. And in bars, I’m used to forging a path between drunk people and everyone else I’m with following in my wake.

Imagine my *gasp* when I got to our table and saw Sir standing at the door smirking at me for leaving Him there. But it was done…

(Several minutes after the first time I left him at the door)

Him: I am glad to see you out and smiling and laughing.

me: thank you, Sir. I’m sorry for not waiting for you.

Him: Is it worth the spanking you’re gonna get later?

me: *nods enthusiastically*


I wish I could put into beautiful words the way it feels when he looks at me or touches me in public. I stand out in a crowd, but mostly for the wow factor. But when He looks at me, I know He sees ME. And that’s intoxicating.


Later at home, after me spending some time enjoying His cock in my mouth, Sir caned me with a steel rod for my lack of manners. Then He fucked my mouth, my pussy, and my ass.

He’s so far in my mind and body, that sometimes all it takes is a little physical stimulation and His voice in my ear saying “Fucking cum, you little slut,” before I’m cumming like crazy. (I look forward to seeing how far this connection can go – will He eventually be able to say it without touching me, and still make me cum? I hope so.)

We have an infinite world of kink and connection to explore. And I’m not rushing through or missing any part of this.

This… This is living. This is being seen, desired, and fulfilled.



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