I can’t punish you for that…

Since I’ve asked for accountability & structure, Sir has been doing just that. We created a morning routine, bedtime, check in times… all really great things & I love Him even more for giving me what I need and want, despite the additional work it means for Him.

One thing that’s come up is the use of my phone during the work day. It’s distracting and it doesn’t help me be productive. So He watches my social media. And calls me on it.

Last night, after a smoke sesh, I was waiting and knew I had a spanking coming. So I sat on my new floor cushion (read: pet bed) and thought about the reason for my impending discipline.

I have a wonderful job, working with caring and empathic individuals. As I go through a separation and divorce I know that I will require time off, and I know that my brain will not always cooperate with my being productive at work. And with those things in mind, why am I a) on social media when I should be working and therefore b) disrespecting the people that support me like family. I can do better.

Just as I lift my head to look at Sir, He says, “I can’t punish you for this. Because I do the same thing.” That hit me like a ton of bricks. It reminded me that Sir is human. And it is comforting that He will not expect something of me that He wouldn’t do Himself (and that goes for more than phone use).

I respect His choice to talk to me about it instead of giving me a disciplinary spanking.

Shortly thereafter, He grabbed a fist full of my hair and dragged me to the bed – putting me in the position He wanted: head & chest down, ass up and out.

He then proceeded to give me the most erotic spanking of my life. It made me a pile of girl goo. Soft slaps to my ass, then a few hard ones… caressing my pussy through my thong… His strong hands pushing my shoulders into the mattress… it was utterly delicious.

Thank you, Sir. 😘



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