Tell me a story, Daddy…

A thread on Twitter caught my attention today. It involved women having an orgasm from mental stimulation only, no touching. I laughed to myself because Sir and I were just talking about that the other night. As it is, when we’re having sex, He tells me when to cum, and I swear to god, my body knows His command. And I was a HUGE skeptic. I was like, nahhhh that isn’t possible… But I’m officially a believer. He also reads my body like a book, and He just knows. I’m sure there’s some kind of Pavlovian response there too. But that’s when we’re having sex. Could I really have an orgasm without touching? Over the phone even?

*ding ding* I have a text.

Daddy: Want me to call and see if you can cum on command on the phone?

Me: Gee, Daddy, Let me think…

So, obviously I called. Because I won’t see Him until Saturday, so why would I turn down a mid-week orgasm?

So we chatted for a few minutes. Agreed that just randomly saying “cum” wasn’t going to cut it, so we needed to set the mood. “Do you want to talk about something we’ve done, or a fantasy?” He asked. “Fantasy!” I eagerly replied. I mean, is there anything better than hearing something that turns on your partner?

Now…let me interrupt this story to tell you, I am no stranger to being turned on by someone talking. I have been listening to erotica audio books since my marriage began to fall apart, and came verrrry close to orgasm on several occasions while listening. However, this is the first time He has told me a story.

He begins to describe His fantasy and I am lost in the story He’s telling me. It’s almost as if it’s already happened, I can see it so clearly in my mind. I’m completely engrossed when I hear “Now, Cum, you slut!”… and I did. My pussy clenched around nothing and fire spread through my core. It was so incredibly intense. But the fantasy wasn’t over, and neither was our experiment.

He counted 6 orgasms in approximately 12 minutes… That is INSANE. Now do I think this could happen all the time? Probably not – since it’s a headspace thing, results may vary lol. I am so elated to have found a man to share my fantasies and desires with, to grow with, and to just enjoy life with. He’s always up for an adventure and I hope there’s many more to come.



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