The Sadist remains…

To date, the morning after an intense scene or event has been calm, tender, and gentle, save for the occasional face fucking. This morning was a little different. I was awake before Him. I had a cup of coffee, vaped, and just reveled in the morning after glow.

Sir slept on… I knew I’d have to wake Him soon. I put on a fresh pot of coffee, took off my robe and crawled naked on the bed. As I kissed from his outstretched fingers up His right arm, He pulled the blankets off, showing me His hard cock. His hand tightened in my hair and pushed my head down. As I slowly sucked Him into my mouth, He almost growled “I love waking up to this.” I moaned and hummed my agreement. A few deep throats later, He pulled me up for a kiss and hugs.

We got up, slowly. He was putting on pants. And I can’t remember why I was standing near the bed. But the next thing I knew He was biting my ass and I was bent over the edge of the bed, squealing into the mattress.

Suddenly my face was pushed into the mattress and His fingers were in my pussy pumping hard and deep, curling into my gspot intermittently. “Cum, you little slut,” He whispered. I screamed into the bed and my body slid off the bed and I landed pretty gently, surprisingly, on my knees, still hugging the mattress.

He caressed my skin, and said “When you’re ready, go get us coffee.” I took my time. And then I got distracted by the feel of His bite marks on my ass and I had to take a picture. I had just finished when He came back into the bedroom. He grinned with a twinkle in His eye when I told Him why I wasn’t back with coffee yet.

We enjoyed coffee and more vaping, sprinkled with some conversation about last night’s scene. I even remember asking Him what He saw on my face when I brought Him the short cane He used on my breasts and back last night.

Shortly thereafter, He asked me if I’d put that cane back. I hadn’t. So I slowly got to my knees from my Little pet bed at His feet, and retrieved the cane. I was tempted to give it to Him, holding it in my mouth. But I couldn’t muster the reverence for that beastly motherfucker. (The cane, Not my Daddy).

I handed it to Him with a nervousness I wasn’t entirely accustomed to. You see, some of our scenes are very impromptu. But usually the high impact ones come with a little notice. And well, a cane, at 2 in the afternoon is pretty impromptu AND high impact, not to mention coming the morning after a very intense scene.

It began with Him rubbing my nipple with the tip of the cane. It felt delightful, but also overwhelming due to last night’s torture. He whispered in my ear that again this week I was not to touch my pussy or my nipples.

I groaned. “Yes, Daddy.”

“Yes, so any brush against your nipples at home or bumping into someone at work or in the grocery store will make your pussy tighten.”

I whimpered, and the breast caning continued. Finally, He stopped torturing tits and pulled out His cock. I went to work eagerly, only to realize that the caning would continue. I did my best not to bite down on Him and He timed the strikes with each stroke of my mouth. The hits came faster and harder. I begged for a break.

His cock hardened in my mouth. “Work it, slut. Go for that nut.”

My pussy tightened and I went to work, sucking and licking. Drool ran down my chin. I have no idea if He actually stopped caning me. But His fist tightened in my hair and He pushed my head down on His cock. The head slid past my uvula and into my throat easily. I gagged, heaved, and swallowed. “Good girl,” I heard Him say. Or maybe He just moaned.

Things escalated. I was desperate to swallow and desperate to breathe. I let His cock out of my mouth to do just that, and He grabbed my hair again. “Get that cock back in your mouth.” He growled.

It was at this point I knew we weren’t stopping until He came in my mouth. I gave up, I let Him control my head and He fucked Himself on my face. I threw up again, keeping it in my mouth and just I whimpered and cried until He shot His cum into my mouth. Yes, I swallowed. Every last drop.

He shivered in the chair, told me how hot it was when I surrendered at the end, how He knew at that moment I would let Him do whatever He had to do to cum. I looked up at Him, and whispered, “I just gave up.”

In that moment, I swear He had a mental O. After that, I was relatively unresponsive. I cuddled Him from the floor, then moved to the bed where He crawled in to spoon behind me. A short time later, I recalled Him getting up and moving to the chair. I don’t know how long He watched me. Eventually I rolled over to look at Him. I couldn’t focus. I couldn’t keep my eyes open. I spent the next hour and some sleeping… and the next 3+ hours after that in a subspace haze.

I love this lifestyle. I love Him.



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