Muirnah Writes Erotica: The Piercing

I took a shower before I left my house. I was so excited to get my clitoral hood pierced that I changed my panties at least three times before I finally left. I picked up my friend Kayla on the way to the “body shop”. We chatted idly, as we both realized our friendship would soon reach a whole new level. “Did you call to make sure there was a girl to do the piercing?” she asked me.

“Of course I did.” I laughed nervously. Kayla was ever-so-straight, but maintained her fun loving respect for me, the lesbian. “I can’t even go to my male gynecologist anymore,” I said, “let alone let a dude near my clit with a needle.” She nodded in agreement.

“I still think you’re nuts.” She laughed.

I was ready to admit my insanity when we pulled up to the shop. It was immaculate inside. Mirrors and smudge-free glass walls with stacks of tattoo albums, and cases of body jewelry. There were a few guys looking at tattoos, and a girl behind the front desk. The guys didn’t seem to notice our entrance, but the girl at the desk stood to greet us. “Hi, I’m Emily. You must be Liza,” she said as she extended her hand to shake mine.

“Yes, and this is my friend Kayla.” I shook her hand, and smiled.

Emily was tall, about 5 feet 6 inches with blueish black hair pulled low in ponytails behind her ears. Kayla mumbled something about Pippy Long Stocking. Her clothes were professional, but sexy. She wore black capris and open-toed sandals to show off her zebra-painted toe nails. Her shirt was low on one shoulder, giving a glimpse of her perky cleavage below, held up by a red lace bra. Her necklace fell between her milky white breasts and I felt myself lean forward to see the pendant hidden below. She noticed my stare and pulled out the necklace revealing a colorful peace sign. “Very cute necklace,” I said in a soft voice.

She smiled a thank you smile, and began to explain the papers that I was to sign. “And as soon as you’re done, come on back, I’ll have everything ready for you.” My mind raced, and I thought about the heat between my thighs. I would be more than ready for her.

“Are you going to sign those things, or what?” Kayla snapped her fingers in my face. I mumbled a curse word or two for her interrupting my daydream. I walked over to the red leather sofa, and crossed my legs. I signed my name in twenty spots, as the thick seam from my jean shorts pressed into my clit. Kayla read over my shoulders, “Loss of clitoral sensation? I’d be out the door.”

I rolled my eyes, “Yeah and walking out the door of your house could get you killed. Are you going to stay inside your whole life?” She leaned back to her side of the chair. I knew she hated that argument. It was lame, but true.

I stood slowly, sliding forward on the red leather sofa so I wouldn’t leave a wet spot. Kayla followed me into the piercing room which was walled with mirrors, and a black floor-to-ceiling curtain separated two sides of the large room. Emily smiled at my presence, and took my papers. She motioned for me to have a seat on the table, which was strikingly similar to an exam table in a doctor’s office. I had a feeling stirrups were involved, and I hoped they were at least cushioned. Or maybe there were ankle cuffs with faux fur around them. Emily motioned for Kayla to have a seat in the chair next to mine, which looked more like it belonged in a dentist’s office. Emily closed the curtain and rolled her stool in front of me and sat down. “I’m just going to explain the process, and then we’ll get started okay?” I nodded.

“This is going to feel very gynecologist-esque. After you take off your shorts & panties, your feet are going to go in stirrups, and I’m going to make sure that the skin above your clit is suitable for piercing.” I shivered when she said “clit”. It rolled off her tongue in an incredibly sexy way. “So, go ahead and take off your shorts and panties, and we’ll get started.” Her hands slid down the front of my legs as she rolled backwards to give me room. Chills spread down to my toes, and up my spine. I felt my nipples harden, and the wetness warm between my legs.

I unbuttoned my jean shorts, and slid them down my thighs and to my feet. As I bent over to pick them up, I caught a whiff of Emily’s musky perfume. I inhaled her scent, and watched her organize some instruments on a tray. Before I pushed my zebra print panties down, I glanced at Kayla. She was looking very uncomfortable, so I did what any good friend would do. “You don’t have to sit in here, Kayla.” She didn’t hesitate a moment before bolting past the curtain. I brought her for support, and maybe a hand to hold. But at this point, she didn’t fit into my fantasy with Emily. And I didn’t want her to be uncomfortable. I heard her start a conversation with the guys looking at tattoos, and focused on my directions from Emily.

I pushed my panties down and stepped out of them. When I leaned over again to pick them up, I stole another look down Emily’s shirt. I couldn’t tell if it was the seam of the lace in her bra, or if her nipples were hard. I thought about how soft her skin must be, and how wonderful it would feel to have her nipple harden under my lips. The rattle of the tray as Emily pushed it to the side startled me out of my thoughts. I stood in front of her in my pale blue tank top. I knew my nipples were hard, and visible through the thin cotton. I wondered if she could see how wet my pussy was while I was standing.

She smiled again, and licked her lips. I felt my insides shiver. My body hoped that was an indication of her arousal. She pulled out the stirrups from the end of the table, and much to my surprise, they were padded with black and red flamed covers. It wasn’t the cuffs that I’d imagined, but that would do. I sat very still, with my legs separated, but not spread. “OK, go ahead and put your feet up, and lay back,” she said in her husky voice. I put my right foot up, and then my left, very conscious of the wetness that separated as I moved my legs apart. I was grateful that even though I was leaning back on the table, I had a clear view of Emily between my legs. My fantasies were running a mile a minute.

“Mmmmm,” I glanced down at Emily who was slipping a glove onto her hand. “You are excited, aren’t you?” I blushed again, and nodded. “I can tell. That’s really sexy.” I took a ragged breath, and tried not to shiver. My nipples got harder. I wanted to touch them. I wanted to squeeze and pull, to feel the pleasure my body ached for. “I’m going to spread your labia, and look at your clit, ok?” Emily’s voice didn’t waver at all. She was so professional. I crossed my arms over my chest so I could play with my nipples, and not be obvious. The moment my finger squeezed my nipple, I felt Emily’s gloved finger slide over my clit. I gasped in surprise, and let out a low moan. I looked down at Emily. She smiled, and I could see her tongue ring roll between her lips. I was so close to an orgasm, and I hadn’t even touched myself.

I took a deep breath in as Emily continued to feel me. I wanted to feel her fingers inside me. I wanted to feel her tongue on my clit. I wanted her to squeeze my nipples between her fingers. I wanted to do all those things to her too. “You have the most beautiful vagina I’ve ever seen.” Her voice breached my thoughts. “I just wanna…” I gasped for a breath as her finger ran down my inner lips. “Please.” I gasped. I didn’t have to say another word.

Emily’s finger slid deep inside me, and her tongue gently licked around my shaven pussy. I sighed in pleasure, biting my lip to stay quiet. My right hand found its way under my shirt, and my left hand stroked Emily’s hair. Her tongue flicked my clit as she pushed a second finger inside me; I pushed my hips toward her mouth, begging for more. Her tongue happily obliged, circling my clit with just the right amount of pressure. I knew it wouldn’t take long to orgasm at this rate. My fingers pinched my nipples, and massaged my breasts as Emily’s fingers rubbed my g-spot.

“Ohhh my godddd,” I couldn’t control my vocalizations any more. My breaths were fast and shallow. I could feel the pressure building on my g-spot. I could feel the wetness growing. I grabbed a fist full of Emily’s hair and pushed my clit harder on her tongue. “Right there, Emilyyyy, Ohhhh God, I’m-I’m c-c-cominggg” I squealed, and squirmed against her mouth, I felt the rush of fluid leave my body as waves of pleasure crashed over me.

Emily continued to lick and suck around my clit as I shook in ecstasy. After a few minutes, she stood between my legs. I could feel the heat radiating between her legs, spreading towards me. I wrapped my legs around her, pulling her body tight against me, and I could feel the smooth silk of her panties against my clit. I had no idea when she’d taken her pants off, but I didn’t care. I sat up while keeping my legs wrapped around her, and kissed her lips. I slipped my tongue in her mouth, tasting myself on her tongue.

Voices of customers broke our intense kiss. “Shit, I’m sorry,” She said, and quickly pulled her pants back up. I toook a deep breath, waiting for her to say something more. She handed me a business card with her phone number hand written in bright blue ink. “Let’s get your piercing done now so no one comes in… but tonight, you’re coming to my house.” I grinned and nodded, laying my head back on the table as Emily began cleaning me for the piercing. I couldn’t wait to get to her house later to try out the feel of my new piercing.

[NB: sex after a clitoral hood piercing is not a good idea – This story is FICTION, but based on actual events.]

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