Minidresses, Spanking, and Rope Torture: a Very ZehNah Evening

We arrived at the venue, got the last close parking spot (woohoo!) and began our evening. I had on a black minidress with lace panels. I felt sexy and I needed attention. but I wasn’t in my dress long.

Pretty much immediately, Sir put me on a spanking bench and paddled my ass until I was a squirmy mess. Attitude and headspace adjusted, we took a short break & went to the smoking area outside.

It was probably in the high 30s (so brrr) & Sir made me sit on the cold metal chair in only my faux satin robe. Someone I’ve followed on FetLife and Twitter came outside. I was a mess of girl crush. Like, this person is awesome to follow and I wanna know them IRL. (Hi Malachi!)

After some chatting with other attendees, we went back inside to do some rope. We found a space in the back and I spread the blanket out. He pulled out His favorite rope and instructed me to come to Him. I did, kneeling in front of Him and preparing myself for the usual amount of passion and intensity. Well I thought I had prepared.

He began with the chest harness. Each tug of the rope dropped me into my own personal haven. Sir’s hands and rope were all I focused on. I felt Him secure the last tie, and I opened my eyes. The beauty of His brown eyes always seems to catch me off guard in these moments – because they’re so dark brown they’re almost black. But on His face they’re the most beautiful dark brown I’ve ever seen.

He began a single column on my right wrist and I wasn’t surprised when he began to tie my arm in a futomomo. Admittedly, my range of motion in my arms is greater in my upper body, so the futo on my arms isn’t exactly painful, unless you wanna talk about the scratchy rope Sir likes. But even that fades after a few minutes and I’m just secure in my ties with Him nearby.

“Lay down on your stomach.”

I was much spacier at this point, so I moved slowly. I mean, short of just flopping over I really couldn’t do much with one arm tied up. Then He began a single column tie on my left ankle. I expected this since we had floor space to work with.

Expected or not, my legs are not as flexible as they used to be. And they’re curvy thighs, ok? It was exhilarating as He bent my knee, and pressed my foot into my butt. Then the discomfort set in, and quickly.

I was balanced on my stomach, my right arm tied above my shoulder… my breasts were sore from the chest harness and being pressed into the floor. It felt like fiery pins and needles for a few minutes. When He finished the tie on my leg, I’d been squirming and moaning for several minutes.

He stepped back to admire His work & I was vaguely aware of Him getting more rope. The next thing I knew, He had looped the rope through the tie on my arm and my opposite leg. My body strained as He pulled me about 3 inches off the ground from my right arm, chest, and left leg.

My body screamed and so did I. My fingers tingled (normal!) and my non-tied limbs tried to compensate for the loss of balance but it was no use. I couldn’t get balanced comfortably. Every shift to the right to relieve the pressure on my arm caused excruciating strain on my leg, and vice versa.

I sobbed and cried out. I didn’t care that there were people watching. When He crawled behind me and began caressing my ass and pussy over my thong, I was desperate for release – for a reprieve from the pain. He didn’t disappoint- and I screamed when I came.*

Some time later I glanced through my hair to see Him laying next to me watching me struggle. He was smiling a satisfied sadistic smile. As a masochist, His masochist, His submissive, HIS… I was on top of the world.

Here’s the thing about D/s relationships… as a submissive, my dedication and service only does so much to fulfill me. What really makes the difference is that He appreciates and values my submission and service. And it makes Him visibly happy. So it is with our S&m play… if he’s not enjoying hurting me, I’m not going to enjoy it either.

And I’m not talking about punishment. That’s not pleasant for either of us. But we both have to be in the right headspace. Generally speaking, it doesn’t take much for either of us to get there though.

He began to untie me… and held me while I came back down to earth. It took a while. And the scene took a lot out of both of us. We spent more time in the aftercare room than we have before.

We agreed to do a bit of fire play, after watching a couple scenes. But it didn’t last long. We were both exhausted. In most cases, our play is more mental than physical in terms of strain. (Not including impact obviously). And normally, He’s full of high energy after a night out. (Not abnormal for me to be zoned out on the ride home though. I am sometimes energetic and other times exhausted.) But this time, we both pushed ourselves more physically than we realized.

Just another night of excessive fun with Zehguul & Muirnah…



*I actually have no idea if He made me orgasm before or after He pulled my body up… This is the problem with subspace!

** Sir has advised me that my orgasm was before He pulled up on the ropes.

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