A Peek into my Poly Life

A Peek into my Poly Life

The night that I met Him, we went from a munch back to His place to hang out. He introduced me to L. To say I was nervous would be an understatement – especially given the intensity of my growing feelings for Him.

Would she like me? What if she didn’t? Would we have anything in common?

Two days later I was there again, and I experienced the most intense subdrop up to that point. I also realized I was falling in love with Him. All of those emotions overtook me. I cried. Ugly cried.

Sir was incredible. But eventually He asked me if I wanted to talk to L. I was so scared! I have had very limited exposure to poly life. And it was mostly all theoretical… I had no idea what to expect. But she calmed me down. It was a wonderful moment. One I cherish.

*fastforward to the present*

I live here now. I have been working on moving my stuff in, little by little over the last month. 3 of my 5 cats are here. The other 2 and my bearded dragon are coming this week probably.

L has been rearranging things, and making space for my desk so that I have an actual place to work. (Let’s face it, someone with depression doesn’t need the temptation of working on a laptop in the bedroom. It’s been bad.) I am incredibly grateful for that.

This afternoon, Sir and I brought back my washer from the apartment because the other one wasn’t working. Then we spent some time hanging out, laughing and just enjoying conversation and each other’s company. Then we talked about where we were putting my desk and my beardie.

Sometimes I can’t believe my life. I’m fortunate to have a wonderful boyfriend in Sir. But I’m even more fortunate to have L in my life as my friend. When Sir does something ridiculous, L and I just look at each other like, “ohhhh man”. Do y’all know how fun that is, to share a moment of connection over a mutual love? It’s awesome. I didn’t think I would ever have a life this full.




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